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At We Move Melbourne, we’ve noticed that many customers don’t call when they need assistance with small moves. They ask their friends or relatives for assistance and are forced to transport their possessions themselves. Most people can handle transporting a few boxes but if you need to pack up an entire room, it’s wiser to just hire our professional mini movers for the job. These moves are quick, easy, affordable, and completely stress-free so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hire the professionals.

Our Mini Movers Services

We’ve been a part of this industry for over 7 years and tackle 130 moves every week so we understand that different clients have different requirements. Not all clients need to move an entire house’s worth of items, so we offer mini movers services for such clients.

  • Small Office Moves – Offices don’t always have many items so you don’t need a large truck and two removalists to handle the job. Our small van with a single removalist can easily clear an entire office in a short amount of time without causing any damage.
  • College Dorms – Our mini movers’ service is very popular with college students who don’t want to deal with the hassle of packing and transporting all their possessions out of their dorm to their home. Some of our college student clients don’t have access to a car and are forced to ask their friends or relatives for help or hire a rental. Our services are less troublesome and easier to arrange.
  • Local Business Sales – We can transport your products and related items to conventions, exhibitions, local sales, or trade shows safely. We’ll make sure all your products are packaged well for transport and loaded carefully. You can trust us with your expensive merchandise because we’re a fully licensed and insured company with a well-established name. We also provide constant GPS tracking so you can keep an eye on your possessions in transit.
  • Furniture – We can also transport single pieces of furniture including couches, beds, chairs, tables, bookshelves, etc. Our removalists will disassemble and reassemble furniture to make it easier to transport and they’ll do it without damaging your furniture.
  • Musical Instruments – You can hire our mini movers service to transport your musical instruments like piano, drum sets, and cellos. We can also transport equipment like amps, microphones, and turntables.

Advantages of Hiring Mini Movers

  • Cost – Our mini movers services are more affordable in comparison to our full-move services. We usually only send a small van with one or two removalists based on your requirements. You save both money on fuel and labour as well.
  • Flexible – This service can be tailored to fit your requirements, so if one removalist isn’t enough to handle the job, we can send two. Our mini move services are completely customisable.

Feel free to contact us at We Move Melbourne if you have any questions or want to book our services. You can also fill in the web form, call our number, or send us an email at