package for delivery

We offer a packing/ un packing service to meet your needs.

We can offer you two or 3 packers depending on the size of your home or office.

We pack / un pack  houses, units, offices, warehouses, hotels, hospitals and schools, no matter the size.

You don’t have to break the budget by having your items packed, you may choose to pack certain rooms, or maybe your kitchen only. This is entirely up to your discretion and budget.

We can supply all the packing materials for you or use the ones you have. Its quite simple.

Let the packing team take away the stress and free up your time with all your packing needs. Here at We Move Melbourne Removalist, we understand the stress of moving, therefore we have come up with a packing package to suit your needs.


Please call us on 03 8582 2000 to get a quote.