Blade Runner

A Few Items

½ hour + GST
Medium Sized Van

Blade Runner Medium Sized Van

Best For A Few Items [10m³]

Introducing the Blade Runner!! When thinking of moving small, light boxes and items throughout the Melbourne Metro the Blade Runner Van is the perfect vehicle for you. Blade is powerful and quick. He is like no other machine. Enquire about this perfect sized van for your small item move today



½ hour + GST
3.5 Tonne Truck
16-18m³ CAPACITY

Gladiator 3.5 Tonne Truck

Best For Studio [16-18m³]

Introducing the Gladiator!! Gladiator is energetic, nothing will get in his way. He is quite cheeky so don’t let him fool you. He is trusted to get the job done. This small truck is perfect for moving homes with not many items but enough for a small truck. Ask our friendly Customer Support Staff about this truck today.


1 Bedroom

½ hour + GST
4.5 Tonne Truck
20-25m³ CAPACITY

Rocky 4.5 Tonne Truck

Best For 1 Bedroom [20-25m³]

Introducing Rocky!! The world is not all sunshine and rainbows, but with Rocky he will get to all the hard places, and make it look like a breeze… He will get you out of trouble. This mid-sized truck is perfect for your humble 2 bedroom residence. If your unsure what type of truck fit your items, please speak to our Customer Support Staff today.


2 Bedrooms

½ hour + GST
6-8 Tonne Truck
28-35m³ CAPACITY

Rambo 6-8 Tonne Truck

Best For 2 Bedrooms [28-35m³]

Introducing Rambo!! He endures pain, but does not show it. He is always working at a high level of performance. With his rebellious attitude, he can get the toughest jobs done! Rambo is a trick that can give you peace of mind that your 2-3 bedroom residence will only take one simple trip to your new residence. Dont be shy, ask our Customer Support staff about how amazing Rambo performs


3 Bedrooms

½ hour + GST
10-12 Tonne Truck
40-45m³ CAPACITY

Terminator 10-12 Tonne Truck

Best For 3 Bedrooms [40-45m³]

Introducing The Termintor!! He is quite independent and adventurous, always invited to challenge; He was hand-picked as he brings dedication to his work, until his mission is complete. The Terminator can handle almost any type of large move. The Terminator has plenty room to fit those extra items your undecided in moving to your new residence

God Father

4 Bedrooms

½ hour + GST
16 Tonne Truck
60-65m³ CAPACITY

God Father 16 Tonne Truck

Best For 4 Bedrooms [60-65m³]

Introducing The God Father!! This gigantic vehicle has control of his family with respect. It is in his nature to tackle every obstacle. With his big ego, he demands professionalism, strength, experience, and stamina! No matter how big or small the muddle; you always feel secure. This can move a large home and a granny flat with its one single visit. Ask our Customer Support Staff to help you decide if you need The God Fathers presence.